Looking for a quartzite countertop in Ottawa? Blackstone has you covered. As a natural stone, quartzite countertops are more limited in its color choices than man-made materials like quartz or solid surface countertops. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of really pretty color choices to choose from. Aside from the greys and browns, you can also find hues of green, blue, and even red. These colors are imparted from the minerals in the earth where the stone is formed. Nature’s paintbrush can make slabs that are stunning and vivid in color. If you’re looking at quartzite for your kitchen countertops, look at more than just the price. Look at the benefits like super durable surface for your hardworking kitchen, a great selection of color choices, and the fact that it’s the hardest material you can get. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great stone for kitchens that get a lot of use and it will look great for years to come.
We love to update our website to constantly give you the latest and greatest selection we have available. Unfortunately sometimes we can’t keep up with all our variety and at times slabs don’t last long enough to make it on the website. If you’d like to visit our Ottawa showroom, we’d love to assist you in finding the perfect stone.